Professionalism Through Strategic Assessment, Training, Education and Development.

Organizational Assessments

We can provide performance assessments and reviews of your organization, or individual units within your agency. A detailed assessment will identify issues and concerns to be addressed and provide a choice of potential solutions for you to implement. Reviews are strategically focused to address both your current needs and future organizational requirements.

If required, we will also work with you to implement recommendations that have been approved for implementation.

Strategic Planning and Implementation

Does your organization have a Strategic Plan? Do all management and staff know what your Plan is? Was it developed by management in isolation or collaboratively with broad input from all stakeholders? Does your Plan influence the day to day business activities and related decisions?

It is important that everyone in your organization is aware of your Strategic Plan as it will help guide future managerial decisions and allow others to understand why certain decisions are being made by senior executive. CMLS Global can provide training in Strategic Planning and Thinking and also facilitate the Strategic Planning and implementation process in your organization.

Reforming Police Academies

Police Academy programming should be inclusive of basic training for new recruits through to police leadership, administration, operations and tactical procedures for in-service personnel and commissioned officers.

Police Academy Effectiveness, Efficiency and Capacity Building:

Is your Police Academy delivering the most effective curriculum to ensure that your graduates are truly prepared to operate in the field? CMLS Global can review and assess your programming for effectiveness and your intake and delivery model for efficiency. This will allow you to maximize the use of your facilities and overall, to strengthen the internal capacity of your organization.

Basic Training Programming:

Basic Police Programming includes Law and Evidence, Police Duties, Behavioural Sciences, Traffic Studies, Defensive Tactics, Communication Skills, Health and Wellness, Defensive Tactics, Driver Training, Firearms Training and Drill. An effective training program delivers the foregoing disciplines over a 24-30 week period. In addition to classroom and group centered activities, scenario based learning through simulation is used to create the 'real world' experience in a safe environment.

Field Training Programs:

Field Training is complementary to the Basic Training Program and allows the new graduates to work in the field under the guidance of a qualified Field Training Officer (FTO) for a period of 8-12 weeks. FTO's are trained in coaching, mentoring and counselling techniques and provide support to the probationer police officer as they transition from the safe environment of training to the often harsh reality of front line policing.

Capacity Building and Development: In-Service Programs

Our in-service programming is based on best practice from Canadian and international police leadership, management, operational and tactical practices, and are designed specifically for police and law enforcement agencies who are seeking to improve the performance of their organizations. Further, a significant focus of capacity building is the development of trainers within the organization as subject matter experts in specified disciplines.

All courses, programs and initiatives are customized to your individual training and operational needs with sensitivity to your organization, culture, tradition, laws and regulations.

Please contact us for further information.

Leadership Development

Some people are natural leaders while others need to work at developing and enhancing their leadership skills. Leadership can come in many forms and leaders are present at every level in all organizations. CMLS Global can provide traditional Leadership development courses as well as more emerging philosophies such as the concept of Leadership through Emotional Intelligence in support of your leadership goals.

In every case, the programming would be tailored to your organizational needs, culture, tradition, practices, law and regulations.

Leading Organizational Change

Implementing change is one of the most challenging tasks an organization will ever face as staff are forced out of their comfort zone and into a new and uncomfortable environment. Change management takes time, patience, transparency and a truly collaborative environment. Implementing change requires a sound transitional plan. CMLS Global can assist in identifying the need for change, the development of your transitional plan and the implementation of change in your organization.